This doctoral thesis concerns the treatment of liver cancer patients using external beam radiotherapy. The quality of this treatment greatly depends on delivering a high radiation dose to the tumor while keeping the dose as low as possible to surrounding healthy tissues. One of the major challenges is locating the tumor at the moment of dose delivery. In this ork, the uncertainty of locating the tumor was investigated. For this purpose, gold markers were implanted in the liver tissue and visualized on X-ray images. The markers were used to measure day-to-day tumor mobility and motion due to respiration. Furthermore, it was found that major improvements in the targeting accuracy can be achieved by using the markers for guiding the treatment procedure.

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Accuray Inc.
P.C. Levendag (Peter) , B.J.M. Heijmen (Ben)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Wunderink, W. (2011, March 4). Accurate Targeting of Liver Tumors in Stereotactic Radiation Therapy. Retrieved from