Post-adoption usage can be a crucial element in obtaining substantial revenues from new service introduction, especially when adopters display low usage levels or decide to disadopt the service altogether. Here, the authors specifically examine the effects of adoption timing on post-adoption usage and disadoption. Using a longitudinal, individual-level usage data set of 6296 adopters of a new telecom service, they show that the earliest adopters have lower initial usage levels than do later adopters. However, early adopters show increasing usage after adoption, whereas late adopters tend to decrease their usage over time. Also, disadoption rates are higher among later adopters.

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Keywords Adoption, Diffusion, Endogeneity, New products, New services, Postadoption usage, Telecommunications
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Series ERIM Top-Core Articles
Journal International Journal of Research in Marketing
Prins, R, Verhoef, P.C, & Franses, Ph.H.B.F. (2009). The impact of adoption timing on new service usage and early disadoption. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 26(4), 304–313. doi:10.1016/j.ijresmar.2009.07.002