A 21.5 kb DNA fragment carrying the entire chicken lysozyme gene locus was introduced into the germ line of mice. The fragment contains the transcribed region plus 11.5 kb 5'-flanking and 5.5 kb 3'-flanking sequences including all known cis-regulatory elements and the 5' and 3' attachment elements (A-elements) which define the borders of the DNase I sensitive chromatin domain. All sequences which adopt a DNase I hypersensitive chromatin conformation in vivo are present on the construct. Seven founder mice were analysed. All of these expressed chicken lysozyme RNA at high levels specifically in macrophages, as is the case in the donor species. Expression levels are dependent on the copy number of integrated genes indicating that a complete gene locus, as defined by its chromatin structure, functions as an independent regulatory unit when introduced into a heterologous genome.

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EMBO Journal
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Bonifer, C, Vidal, M, Grosveld, F.G, & Sippel, A.E. (1990). Tissue specific and position independent expression of the complete gene domain for chicken lysozyme in transgenic mice. EMBO Journal, 9, 2843–2848. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/2455