We conducted a meta-analysis of genome-wide association data to detect genes influencing age at menarche in 17,510 women. The strongest signal was at 9q31.2 (P = 1.7 × 10 9), where the nearest genes include TMEM38B, FKTN, FSD1L, TAL2 and ZNF462. The next best signal was near the LIN28B gene (rs7759938; P = 7.0 × 10 9), which also influences adult height. We provide the first evidence for common genetic variants influencing female sexual maturation.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1038/ng.386, hdl.handle.net/1765/24578
Journal Nature Genetics
Perry, J.R.B, Stolk, L, Franceschini, N, Lunetta, K.L, Zhai, G, McArdle, P.F, … Weedon, M.N. (2009). Meta-analysis of genome-wide association data identifies two loci influencing age at menarche. Nature Genetics, 41(6), 648–650. doi:10.1038/ng.386