To identify genetic loci influencing central obesity and fat distribution, we performed a meta-analysis of 16 genome-wide association studies (GWAS, N = 38,580) informative for adult waist circumference (WC) and waist-hip ratio (WHR). We selected 26 SNPs for follow-up, for which the evidence of association with measures of central adiposity (WC and/or WHR) was strong and disproportionate to that for overall adiposity or height. Follow-up studies in a maximum of 70,689 individuals identified two loci strongly associated with measures of central adiposity; these map near TFAP2B (WC, P = 1.9×102-11) and MSRA (WC, P = 8.9×10-9). A third locus, near LYPLAL1, was associated with WHR in women only (P = 2.6×10-8). The variants near TFAP2B appear to influence central adiposity through an effect on overall obesity/fat-mass, whereas LYPLAL1 displays a strong female-only association with fat distribution. By focusing on anthropometric measures of central obesity and fat distribution, we have identified three loci implicated in the regulation of human adiposity.,
P L o S Genetics (Print)
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Lindgren, C.M, Heid, I.M, Randall, J.C, Lamina, C, Steinthorsdottir, V, Qi, L, … McCarthy, M.I. (2009). Genome-wide association scan meta-analysis identifies three loci influencing adiposity and fat distribution. P L o S Genetics (Print), 5(6). doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000508