Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common disorder. In the majority of cases, patients with CTS can be diagnosed by means of appropriate history taking. Nerve conduction examination of the nervus medianus is the most important additional diagnostic test and is the best predictor of symptom severity and functional status in idiopathic CTS. Treatment option depends on the severity of the symptoms and the degree of functional daily limitations. If few limitations are present, splinting or corticosteroid injections are preferred. Surgical interventions are reserved for the more severe conditions resulting in significant disability. Interventional pain treatment such as pulsed radiofrequency could be an addition to the future treatment options for CTS.Pain Practice

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Keywords Carpal tunnel syndrome, Evidence-based medicine, Interventional pain treatment
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Journal Pain Practice
Patijn, J, Vallejo, R, Janssen, M, Huygen, F.J.P.M, Lataster, A, van Kleef, M, & Mekhail, N. (2011). 19. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Pain Practice. doi:10.1111/j.1533-2500.2011.00457.x