As China explores new directions to reform its health care system, regulated competition among both insurers and providers of care might be one potential model. The Russian Federation in 1993 implemented legislation intended to stimulate such regulated competition in the health care sector. The subsequent progress and lessons learned over these 17 years can shed light on and inform the future evolution of the Chinese system. In this paper, we list the necessary pre-conditions for reaping the benefits of regulated competition in the health care sector. We indicate to what extent these conditions are being fulfilled in the post-reform Russian and current Chinese health care systems. We draw lessons from the Russian experience for the Chinese health care system, which shares a similar economic and political background with the pre-reform Russian health care system in terms of the starting point of the reform, and analyse the prospects for regulated competition in China.

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Keywords China, Regulated competition, Russia, health care reform
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Journal Health Policy and Planning
Xu, W, Sheiman, I, van de Ven, W.P.M.M, & Zhang, W. (2011). Prospects for regulated competition in the health care system: What can China learn from Russia's experience?. Health Policy and Planning, 26(3), 199–209. doi:10.1093/heapol/czq044