The European Union in general and the European Commission in particular are characterised by supranational governance. The enlargement policy gives the Commission the opportunity to export and promote supranational norms and define the boundaries of Europe as a supranational polity through the conditionality of membership and intensive contact with the candidate countries. This article analyses the discourses of the Commission on Turkey and gives us insights into how well Turkey fits the supranational model in the eyes of Commission officials. It demonstrates how the boundaries of supranationalism are set and even challenged by the prospects of Turkey’s accession.

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CIMIC: Citizenship, Migration & the City
South European Society & Politics
Department of Public Administration

Düzgit, S.A, & Suvarierol, S. (2011). Turkish Accession and Defining the Boundaries of Nationalism and Supranationalism: Discourses in the European Commission. South European Society & Politics, 16(3), 469–482. doi:10.1080/13608746.2011.598363