Introduction: The last detailed report from the National Evaluation Team for Breast cancer screening (NETB) on the Dutch breast cancer screening programme appeared in 2005. It presented the screening results up until the end of 2003 which, however, were incomplete for some regions. The same applies to the two brief interim reports that were released in 2006 and 2007. The new evaluation report adds four reporting years to the entire evaluation period, i.e. those from 2004- 2007. The fact that this 12th report by the NETB is based on complete nationwide data on the screening activities of all nine screening regions is particularly good news. This is thanks to the additional efforts made by the two regions that had had a backlog of screened women’s follow-up data for years, enabling the backlog to be eliminated by spring 2009. It also enabled the optimum analysis of 18 years of national population research, and the presentation of the results without qualification. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the data on interval cancers which, subsequent to 1999, are far from being fully available at national level....

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Fracheboud, J, Otto, S.J, de Gelder, R, van Ineveld, B.M, Otten, J.D.M, Broeders, M.J.M, … de Koning, H.J. (2009). Landelijke evaluatie van bevolkingsonderzoek naar borstkanker in Nederland. 1990-2007 (XII). Het twaalfde evaluatierapport. Retrieved from