One of the latest developments for the Semantic Web is Google Rich Snippets, a service that uses Web page annotations for displaying search results in a visually appealing manner. In this paper we propose the Automatic Review Recognition and annOtation of Web pages (ARROW) framework, which is able to identify reviews on Web pages and to annotate them using RDFa attributes. The ARROW framework consists of four steps: hotspot identification, subjectivity analysis, information extraction, and page annotation. We evaluate an implementation of the framework by using various Web sites. Based on the evaluation we conclude that our framework is able to properly identify the majority of reviews, reviewed items, and review dates.

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Erasmus School of Economics

van der Meer, R., Boon, F., Hogenboom, F., Frasincar, F., & Kaymak, U. (2011). A framework for automatic annotation of web pages using the Google rich snippets vocabulary. doi:10.1145/1982185.1982352