Background: Germline mutations in MSH6 account for 10%-20% of Lynch syndrome colorectal cancers caused by hereditary DNA mismatch repair gene mutations. Because there have been only a few studies of mutation carriers, their cancer risks are uncertain. Methods: We identified 113 families of MSH6 mutation carriers from five countries that we ascertained through family cancer clinics and population-based cancer registries. Mutation status, sex, age, and histories of cancer, polypectomy, and hysterectomy were sought from 3104 of their relatives. Age-specific cumulative risks for carriers and hazard ratios (HRs) for cancer risks of carriers, compared with those of the general population of the same country, were estimated by use of a modified segregation analysis with appropriate conditioning depending on ascertainment. Results: For MSH6 mutation carriers, the estimated cumulative risks to ages 70 and 80 years, respectively, were as follows: for colorectal cancer, 22% (95% confidence interval [CI]=14% to 32%) and 44% (95% CI=28% to 62%) for men and 10% (95% CI=5% to 17%) and 20% (95% CI=11% to 35%) for women; for endometrial cancer, 26% (95% CI=18% to 36%) and 44% (95% CI=30% to 58%); and for any cancer associated with Lynch syndrome, 24% (95% CI=16% to 37%) and 47% (95% CI=32% to 66%) for men and 40% (95% CI=32% to 52%) and 65% (95% CI=53% to 78%) for women. Compared with incidence for the general population, MSH6 mutation carriers had an eightfold increased incidence of colorectal cancer (HR=7.6, 95% CI=5.4 to 10.8), which was independent of sex and age. Women who were MSH6 mutation carriers had a 26-fold increased incidence of endometrial cancer (HR=25.5, 95% CI=16.8 to 38.7) and a sixfold increased incidence of other cancers associated with Lynch syndrome (HR=6.0, 95% CI=3.4 to 10.7).ConclusionWe have obtained precise and accurate estimates of both absolute and relative cancer risks for MSH6 mutation carriers. The Author 2009. Published by Oxford University Press.2010

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Baglietto, L, Lindor, N.M, Dowty, J.G, White, D.M, Wagner, A, Gómez García, E.B, … Jenkins, M.A. (2010). Risks of lynch syndrome cancers for msh6 mutation carriers. National Cancer Institute. Journal (Print), 102(3), 193–201. doi:10.1093/jnci/djp473