The objective of this study was to estimate the cost-utility of mass vaccination of 0-4-year-old children with Rotarix™ in the Netherlands. We used a Markov process with Dutch data on incidence, resource use and costs (GP, hospitalisation, productivity loss and household costs) to compare vaccination to conventional treatment from a societal perspective. Utility loss due to rotavirus-induced diarrhoea was measured using EQ5D, with GPs and paediatricians serving as proxies to fill out the questions. As the costs of a vaccination course ranged from €90 to €100 per child, the cost-utility ratio varied from €21,900 to €35,076 per QALY gained. Based on the current study, it is clear that mass vaccination with Rotarix™ against rotavirus gastroenteritis can be attractive, from an economic and a health care perspective.

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Keywords Cost-utility analysis, Rotavirus, Vaccination
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Journal Vaccine
Goossens, L.M.A, Standaert, B, Hartwig, N.G, Hövels, A.M, & Al, M.J. (2008). The cost-utility of rotavirus vaccination with Rotarix™ (RIX4414) in the Netherlands. Vaccine, 26(8), 1118–1127. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2007.11.070