For many years, prorenin has been considered to be nothing more than the inactive precursor of renin. Yet, its elevated levels in diabetic subjects with microvascular complications and its extrarenal production at various sites in the body suggest otherwise. This review discusses the origin, regulation, and enzymatic activity of prorenin, its role during renin inhibition, and the angiotensin-dependent and angiotensin-independent consequences of its binding to the recently discovered (pro)renin receptor. The review ends with the concept that prorenin rather than renin determines tissue angiotensin generation.

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Keywords (Pro)renin receptor, Diabetes, Receptor, Renin, Renin angiotensin system, Renin inhibitor, Signaling, Tissue angiotensin
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Journal Journal of Molecular Medicine
Danser, A.H.J, Batenburg, W.W, Esch, van, J.H.M, & Krop, M. (2008). Prorenin anno 2008. Journal of Molecular Medicine (Vol. 86, pp. 655–658). doi:10.1007/s00109-008-0318-2