This study explores how account managers-employees who operate as entrepreneurial customer boundary spanners-obtain intrafirm knowledge (organizational and expertise knowledge) from diverse colleagues so as to develop tailor-made solutions for their customers. Access to intrafirm knowledge is obtained through two independent knowledge-based exchanges within internal knowledge markets: account managers invest in different activities in order to signal communal and deal-maker reputations. In exchange, colleagues share organizational and expertise knowledge that ultimately contribute to account managers' performance. The types of knowledge shared by colleagues depend on the reputations of account managers.

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Journal Human Performance
Verbeke, W.J.M.I, Belschak, F.D, Bagozzi, R.P, & Wuyts, S.H.K. (2011). Gaining access to intrafirm knowledge: An internal market perspective on knowledge sharing. Human Performance, 24(3), 205–230. doi:10.1080/08959285.2011.580804