This is a book about power and transformative change. It explores how groups of people who are trying to transform the mobility system are affected by notions of change and power, and how they deal with the dilemmas of power. Academic literature on power and transitions offers concepts to grasp phenomena in practice. And visa versa, observing these practices allows us to gain new understanding of power in relation to transformative change. More specifically, this book is about power in relation to transition studies, a new research field which has the ambition to both understand and foster societal transformation. It is also about the role of power in transition management, a new prescriptive governance model for sustainable development.

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J. Rotmans (Jan) , R. Kemp (René)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The research resulting in this thesis was funded by the Dutch Knowledge Network on System Innovations (KSI) and by the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (Drift)
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Avelino, F. (2011, December 9). Power in Transition: Empowering Discourses on Sustainability Transitions. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from