To determine the effects of a temporary high custom made orthopaedic shoe on functional mobility, walking speed, and gait characteristics in hemiplegic stroke patients. In addition, interference of attentional demands and patient satisfaction were studied.

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Keywords ANKLE-FOOT ORTHOSIS, Dual task, Gait, HEMIPARESIS, NEUROSCIENCES, ORTHOPEDIC SHOES, ORTHOPEDICS, Orthopaedic shoe, PERFORMANCE, POPULATION, Patient satisfaction, Physical therapy, RELIABILITY, SPORT SCIENCES, STROKE PATIENTS, Stroke, Stroke patients, TRIAL, Therapeutics, Physiological, USABILITY, WALKING ABILITY, Walking
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Journal Gait & Posture
Eckhardt, M, Borgerhoff Mulder, M.C, Horemans, H.L.D, van der Woude, L.H, & Ribbers, G.M. (2011). The effects of high custom made shoes on gait characteristics and patient satisfaction in hemiplegic gait. Gait & Posture, 34(4), 543–547. doi:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2011.07.013