Russia has carried out major environmental policy reforms during its transition period since the early 1990s, including with respect to global issues such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and ozone layer depletion. In view of these changes, this chapter provides a brief overview of current (and forthcoming) Russian environmental law as applicable to businesses operating in Russia. By touching upon the main difficulties that investors may face, e.g., environmental charges and fines, implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure, this chapter may assist businesses to seek out and share experiences of best practices, provide innovative policy advice, as well as meet the challenges in the implementation and enforcement of Russian legislation and policies.

In addition, this chapter analyses and investigates
(i) economic and administrative enforcement instruments,
(ii) institutional arrangements,
(iii) the Russian system of environmental compliance control, and
(iv) new strategies which have been developed to protect the environment in Russia, ranging from the ‘end-of-pipe’ approach to pollution prevention strategies (through new technical regulation, best available techniques and ‘cleaner production’ methodology).
Erasmus School of Law

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