This paper examines the relationship between a firm's strategic framework and business environment and the probability of becoming the target of "copying", differentiated into (i) unauthorized reproduction of its technological product elements or insignia, and (ii) patent and trademark infringement. Based on bivariate and multivariate analyses of survey data, we show patterns of the links between being (legally or illegally) imitated and IP protection (e.g., defensive publishing), general strategy (e.g., selling products abroad or off-shoring R&D activities) and organizational factors (e.g., firm size). Management implications for successful strategies against the different types of being copied are derived.

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Berger, F., Blind, K., & Cuntz, A. (2012). Risk factors and mechanisms of technology and insignia copying-A first empirical approach. Research Policy, 41(2), 376–390. doi:10.1016/j.respol.2011.10.005