Educational approaches addressing environmental sustainability are of growing interest to management educators. The James Bay Cree in Canada offer a novel and ecologically embedded approach to management education as an inspiring template for integrating a deep sense-of-place within management education. The authors describe the Cree approach as "managing outside" literally managing out of doors on (and with) the land. They develop their ideas collaboratively with FJ, a Cree tallyman (a senior hunter and leader of his family's hunting territory). FJ challenges modern managers and students interested in sustainability to learn how to manage and educate outside, to relocate and relate their management education to specific local places by working collaboratively with Indigenous Peoples in a participatory manner.

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Keywords Indigenous management education, James Bay Cree, ecological embeddedness
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Series ERIM Article Series (EAS)
Journal Journal of Management Education
Jolly, F, Whiteman, G.M, Atkinson, M, & Radu, I. (2011). Managing and educating outside: A cree hunter's perspective on management education. Journal of Management Education, 35(1), 27–50. doi:10.1177/1052562910386112