The aim of this thesis is to make a distinction between potentially important variables in their influence on the risk of failure after renal transplantation. Which of the known variables really influence our results? Which variables can be neglected? Most studies on this subject are univariable analysis. In these studies selection and inter-dependency of the influence of variables cannot be taken into account. Besides, the importance of the influence of different variables is studied in different analyses and cannot be compared. Multivariable analysis with the Cox proportional hazards analysis offers best prospects to compare the influences of different variables on the failure risk. In the next chapter we describe how the Cox deals with our question and how risk factors are defined. Our principal motivation was to come to an understanding of the reasons for failure after renal transplantation. With this knowledge we could try to decrease the prevalence of high risk or combination of high risk factors in recipients

W. Weimar (Willem)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Roodnat, J. (2002, November 13). Multivariable analysis of risk factors in renal transplantation. Retrieved from