The aim of the study described was to develop and evaluate monitoring of cardiovascular and respiratory functions during and immediately after the administration of anaesthesia in the operating room for open-heart surgery. Also. monitoring techniques for the period of time the patient was in the intensive care unit were developed. All studies were made at the Thorax Centre of the University Hospital in Rotterdam. The work started in 1974. At that time, we were well aware that monitoring techniques did not allow an adequate appraisal of the patient's condition. Hence, the condition of some patients deteriorated "inexplicably" during the first few hours after surgery. It was felt that detailed measurement of cardiopulmonary function during this critical period might provide data from which an immediate prognosis could be derived and which would also allow rational decisions as to whether respiratory support should be continued. Concurrent developments in the world and the advent of modern technology made it particularly appropriate to study these problems at that time.

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P.G. Hugenholtz (Paul) , D.H.G. Keuskamp
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

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