Using Coleman's well-known scheme as an anchor, we review key features of explanations of social phenomena that employ micro-macro models. Some antecedents of micro-macro models and of Coleman's scheme as well as some paradigmatic examples of micro-macro links are sketched. We then discuss micro-level assumptions in micro-macro explanations and the robustness of macro-level implications to variations in micro-level assumptions. We conclude with an overview of some recent developments in micro-macro modeling and of the contributions to the special issue.

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Journal of Mathematical Sociology
Erasmus School of Law

Raub, W., Buskens, V., & van Assen, M. (2011). Micro-macro links and microfoundations in sociology. Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 35(1-3), 1–25. doi:10.1080/0022250X.2010.532263