The known literature on hypospadias largely concerns the treatment of this anomaly, and the related disturbances in wound healing. The morphology of this anomaly and the factors underlying a disturbance in wound healing, however, receive comparatively !ittle attention. A discussion of the morphology is as a rule confined to mentioning the location of the meatus and such curvature as is present. Very few authors also elucidate other aspects such as the oblique rap hes, the inlegurnental volume deficiency on the urethra! side, the dog-ears on the dorsal side, etc. Little is known about these changes, which also occur in a number of anomalies related to hypospadias, such as congenital urethra! fistula and hypospadias without hypospadias. This excited our interest, and we decided to investigate !heir pathogenesis and possible significanee in terros of treatment. In view of a number of disappointments experienced, we decided to combine this study with an analysis of the various operalive methods, and the factors which can lead to a disturbance in wound healing. The results of this investigation are reported in this thesis