Transcription factors (TFs) play a central role in the development of multicellular organisms. The sequential actions of critical TFs direct cells to adopt defined differentiation pathways leading to functional, fully differentiated tissues. Here, we describe a generic experimental pipeline that integrates biochemistry, genetics and next generation sequencing with bioinformatics to characterize TF complexes composition, function and target genes at a genome-wide scale. We show an application of this experimental pipeline which aims to unravel the molecular events taking place during hematopoietic cell differentiation.

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Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Soler, E., Andrieu-Soler, C., de Boer, E., Bryne, J. C., Thongjuea, S., Rijkers, E. J., … Grosveld, F. (2011). A systems approach to analyze transcription factors in mammalian cells. Methods (Vol. 53, pp. 151–162). doi:10.1016/j.ymeth.2010.08.002