Objective: This study evaluates the patients' judgement of the surgical outcome of the plication procedure, as described by Schröder and Essed, and the postoperative sexual functioning of patients with congenital curvatures and Peyronie's disease. Patients and Methods: Of 98 patients treated for penile curvatures between 1985 and 1996, 85 patients received postoperatively a 'Questionnaire Assessing the Outcome of Surgery' and a short version of the 'Questionnaire for Screening Sexual Dysfunctions'. Results: 28 patients with congenital curvatures and 31 with Peyronie's disease were evaluated. 75% of the patients with congenital curvatures and 58% of the patients with Peyronie's disease were satisfied with the result. Patients treated for Peyronie's disease reported diminished penile length and inability to have sexual intercourse more often than patients with congenital curvatures (90 vs. 64%, and 29 vs. 0%). After correction for age, patients with Peyronie's disease were less satisfied with their present sex life, had more frequent erectile problems and more trouble with considerable sexual desire than a group of 42 controls. For patients with Peyronie's disease satisfaction with the result was positively correlated with satisfaction with their present sex life and negatively correlated with the frequency of erectile problems. For patients with congenital curvatures satisfaction with the result was negatively correlated with both a postoperative curvature and a repeat operation. Conclusions: Some patients with Peyronie's disease may not benefit from surgical correction (alone). Because of the occurrence of sexual problems, future evaluation of the role of pre- and postoperative sexological counselling in achieving better results is recommended. Copyright

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doi.org/10.1159/000065560, hdl.handle.net/1765/31835
Urologia Internationalis
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

van der Drift, D. G. F., Vroege, J. A., Groenendijk, P. M., Slob, K., Schröder, F., & Mickisch, G. H. J. (2002). The plication procedure for penile curvature: Surgical outcome and postoperative sexual functioning. Urologia Internationalis, 69(2), 120–124. doi:10.1159/000065560