The objectives of this thesis were to provide more insight into the risk and risk factors of adverse drug reactions associated with HIV-protease inhibitor treatment under non-experimental everyday circumstances. By recognition of risk factors, patients at risk can be identified beforehand and risk management can be targeted more efficiently, hence ultimately improving the safety of HIV-protease inhibitor treatment. In the studies presented in this thesis we applied multiple research strategies. tn which the nationwide ATHENA cohort played a central role.

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Keywords AIDS, ATHENA cohort, HIV, HIV-protease inhibitors, adverse effects, antiretroviral therapy, pharmacology
Promotor B.H.Ch. Stricker (Bruno)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor The publication of this thesis was financially supported by Abbott BV, Boehringer Ingelheim BV, Bristol-Myers Squibb BV, Glaxo Smith Kline BV, Merck Sharp & Dohme BV and Roche Pharmaceuticals BV.
ISBN 978-90-77017-89-0
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Dieleman, J.P. (2002, June 12). Safety aspects of HIV-protease inhibitors. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from