This thesis describes the improvements of a feature-based non-rigid registration method that were essential for its application in radiotherapy. In addition, this thesis presents three practical applications of the improved method: 1) quantification of anatomical changes in 3D for head and neck cancer patients, 2) addition of dose distributions of two radiation treatment modalities for head and neck patients and 3) alignment of CT and MR scans of the liver by automatically segmenting and registering vessels

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Keywords dose addition, head and neck, image processing, liver, multimodality image registration, non-rigid registration, quantification of anatomical changes, radiotherapy, vessel segmentation
Promotor B.J.M. Heijmen (Ben)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor The printing of this thesis was partially funded by Elekta BV and Accuray, Inc.
ISBN 978-90-6464-537-2
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Vásquez Osorio, E.M. (2012, April 5). Improving Feature-based Non-rigid Registration for Applications in Radiotherapy. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from