The documentation of the experience in Urban Environmental Management of the city of Manizales, Colombia has been prepared between the years 1999 and 2.000 within the framework of the implementation of the SINPA project (Support for the Implementation of National Plans of Action) – HABITAT II. The development of the Biomanizales which was adopted as the environmental policy of the city since 1995, of the Bioplan as a Local Plan of Action for the city and the Follow-up, Monitoring and Control System of the Development Plan are initiatives that look forward to a sustainable and concerted future for the city. This experience, which was presented in the Habitat II Conference in Istanbul in 1996, has developed innovative ideas and has undertaken actions and activities that have been of interest for the SINPA and the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS). It has been also the case for other governments and organizations such as the Italian Government, ICLEI and CEPAL which have signed agreements in support of some of the components of this environmental policy. This document concerning the Manizales environmental policy aims to contribute constructive comments and analysis based on the external verification of the facts and the extent up to which they have influenced better and sustainable practices. With the documentation and dissemination of this experience the SINPA aims also to contribute to enrich the information base and to make urban environmental experiences and lessons learned more accessible. We hope that the documentation of this experience could be useful to other countries and cities, especially in those cities that are part of the SINPA Program in Bolivia, Bangladesh and Zambia.