This study is the second one done under the SINPA Zambia project in Solid Waste Management. SINPA Zambia is a capacity building project on Local Government in Zambia and has been working with the Kitwe City Council (KCC) as a pilot. The project identified solid waste management as one of the 5 key areas where the KCC needed help in terms of capacity building. The first report was meant to establish the current situation in SWM in the City of Kitwe. It established that there was no information on the quantities and types of solid waste that was being generated in the city. Without information like that it would be difficult for the KCC to be able to plan properly and also to work out strategies of dealing with the problem of SWM. This was even more important given the fact that the KCC was going through a very difficult period financially. As a result one of the key recommendations from that report was the need for a follow up study which was going to establish not only the amount of SWM generated but also what types are generated and the sources where they are coming from.

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Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS)

Kazimbaya-Senkwe, B., & Mwale, A. (2001). Solid waste in Kitwe:
Solid waste characterisation study for
the city of Kitwe, Zambia : Phase 1 (No. IHS SINPA 28). SINPA Papers. Retrieved from