The following report gives the proceedings of the final workshop for the SINPA-Zambia Project held at The Ibis Gardens on the 8-9th April 2002. Four key objectives were expected to be met at the end of SINPA – Zambia Project. These are: • Improved capacity of the Kitwe City Council staff in strategic areas; • Capacity building institutions (CBIs) specifically, CBU start running activities relevant to local government and its partners; • Improvement of linkages between demand and supply of capacity building services for urban development; • Documentation of relevant experiences and making the documents accessible to other Local Authorities and CBIs. Over the three years the SINPA-Zambia Project has run capacity building activities for the Kitwe City Council in the following priority areas: • Improvement of the revenue base of the KCC; • Improving the responsiveness of the KCC to needs of the stakeholders; • Refuse collection in the City As the project was coming to an end in mid April 2002 it was deemed necessary that an end of project workshop be held. The main objectives of the workshops were: • To look at the work that the SINPA-Zambia project has done and; • Identify the way forward for the capacity building activities in the local governance sector in Zambia