In the first part of this thesis, describing clinical and experimental studies, laser Doppler flowmetry is evaluated as diagnostic tool to assess tissue microcirculation after various microvascular operations. The second part concerns the application of laser Doppler flowmetry to investigate and to objectivate the negative effects of cigarette smoking upon the microcirculation under normal circumstances as well as after microvascular operative procedures. Success of plastic and reconstructive operations, especially of microvascular surgery, is determined to a great extent by circulation of the tissues. Reliable assessment of blood flow and more specifically of microcirculation, which determines tissue viability is of great clinical importance.

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De publicatie van dit proefschrift is financieel mogelijk gemaakt door; Nederlandse Hartstichting en Perimed AB, Sweden
J.C.H.M. van der Meulen (Jacques) , R. van Strik (Roel)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

van Adrichem, L. (1992, November 4). Laser Doppler flowmetry in microvascular surgery . Retrieved from