An important part of oncological research is to identify prognostic factors and predict which patients are at risk for (early) metastasis. This thesis aims to describe the known genetic alterations in uveal melanoma and define new chromosomal regions and markers involved with (micro-) metastasis and the response to local therapy. In chapter 1 the current knowledge of clinical and molecular genetic aspects of uveal melanoma is reviewed. The similarities and dissimilarities regarding the genetic background and genetic differences between uveal melanoma and cutaneous melanoma are discussed in chapter 2. The following chapters, chapter 3-8, describe the cytogenetic and molecular genetic research regarding prognostic factors and follow-up in primary uveal melanoma samples and cell lines. In the final chapter 9, a general discussion including an overview of our results and recent techniques and developments in the ocular oncology field is presented.

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This project was financially supported by the SWOO, SNOO, and Professor Henkes foundation
G. van Rij (Gabriel)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

van den Bosch, T. (2012, June 13). Genetic Prognostic Factors and Follow-up in Uveal Melanoma. Retrieved from