In this review, we discuss the genetic features of uveal melanoma and the different available genetic and genomic tests. Despite improvements in diagnosis and treatment of this intraocular tumor, there has not been a change in survival in the past few decades. Insights into the molecular changes in uveal melanoma have provided us with the opportunity to assess the risk of metastatic disease for individual patients. There are few treatments available for metastasized uveal melanoma and, in a relatively short time-frame, patients with this condition die because of this metastasis. The focus of research may need to shift towards adjuvant therapies for high-risk uveal melanomas.

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Expert Review of Ophthalmology
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Mensink, H., Paridaens, D., & de Klein, A. (2009). Genetics of uveal melanoma. Expert Review of Ophthalmology (Vol. 4, pp. 607–616). doi:10.1586/eop.09.53