New nationalism differs from classical nationalism in terms of its content and focus. Whereas classical nationalism distinguishes itself from other nation-states in defining its national identity, new nationalism distinguishes the 'native' national identity from that of its current and prospective citizens of migrant origin. The terms of integration thus become conditions of membership in the national community. Citizenship and integration policies emerge as central arenas where the discourse of new nationalism unfolds. This study looks into the discourses of cultural citizenship by studying the content of the official 'citizenship packages' - materials designed to welcome newcomers and assist them in their integration - in three Western European countries: The Netherlands, France and the UK. What images are depicted of the nation-state and the migrant in citizenship packages, and (how) do these images freeze the nation?.

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CIMIC: Citizenship, Migration & the City
Nations and Nationalism
Department of Public Administration

Suvarierol, S. (2012). Nation-freezing: Images of the nation and the migrant in citizenship packages. Nations and Nationalism, 18(2), 210–229. doi:10.1111/j.1469-8129.2011.00485.x