This book is written in commemoration of Karel Jansen. It was originally planned as a Liber Amicorum for his retirement in 2011 to honour a valued and productive colleague, teacher and researcher. After Karel’s sudden death the contributors decided to do just that and go on with the production of this volume of short essays. The essays in combination provide a good picture of the topics in which Karel was involved during his career at ISS that started in 1975.

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Keywords Vietnam, micro-macro, monetary economics and development, poverty reduction
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Editor A. van Geen (Annet)
ISBN 978-94-91478-03-1
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Series ISS Staff Group 0
van Bergeijk, P.A.G. (2012). Do we ever learn? Liber Amicorum in remembrance of Karel Jansen. (A van Geen, Ed.)ISS Staff Group 0. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from