Panels of monoclonal antibodies raised against different poliovirus type 1, 2 and 3 strains, were tested in a micro-neutralization test and in a micro-enzyme linked immunosorbent assay against a large number of poliovirus strains. The results were compared with those obtained with the classical system of serodifferentiation using strain specific cross-absorbed antisera. For this purpose a theoretical pattern fitting computer program was developed, in which each strain could be compared with all the other strains of which the serological data had been stored in the memory of the computer. The results obtained with the panels of monoclonal antibodies coincided well with those obtained with the cross-absorbed antisera. Especially for the identification of virus isolates related to the Sabin vaccine strains, these panels of monoclonal antibodies proved to be valuable tools.

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Developments in Biological Standardization
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Osterhaus, A., van Wezel, A. L., Stegmann, A. J. H., & van Asten, J. (1984). Strain differentiation of polioviruses with monoclonal antibodies. Developments in Biological Standardization, 57(1984), 135–139. Retrieved from