This paper aims to offer new theoretical and empirical insights into co-evolutionary development. Theoretically, it advances a political perspective which focuses on the role of power and how this can be translated into influence as an evolutionary driver through the relational framework between an organization and external parties. Empirically, the paper elaborates this perspective by reference to how China's largest container terminal evolved within a changing environment, and how its evolution in turn impacted on the evolution of its sector. In this case, the key relational framework was that between the organization and government institutions. Application of a political perspective to the case study suggests a theoretical model that can inform future research and practice. © 2012 The Authors Journal of Management Studies

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Child, J., Rodrigues, S., & Tse, K. K.-T. (2012). The Dynamics of Influence in Corporate Co-Evolution. Journal of Management Studies, 49(7), 1246–1273. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.2012.01057.x