Objective. Mannose-binding lectin (MBL) is important in the innate immune response. MBL2 gene polymorphisms affect MBL expression, and genotypes yielding low MBL levels have been associated with an elevated risk for infections in hematological cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. However, these reported associations are inconsistent, and data on patients with solid tumors are lacking. Here, we investigated the effects of MBL2 genotypes on irinotecan-induced febrile neutropenia in patients with solid tumors. Patients and Methods. Irinotecan-treated patients were genotyped for the MBL2 gene. Two promoter (550 H/L and 221 X/Y) and three exon polymorphisms (52 A/D, 54 A/B, and 57 A/C) were determined, together with known risk factors for irinotecan-induced toxicity. Neutropenia and febrile neutropenia were recorded during the first course. Results. Of the 133 patients, 28% experienced severe neutropenia and 10% experienced febrile neutropenia. No associations were found between exon polymorphisms and febrile neutropenia. However, patients with the H/H promoter genotype, associated with high MBL levels, experienced significantly more febrile neutropenia than patients with the H/L and L/L genotypes (20% versus 13% versus 5%). Moreover, patients with the HYA haplotype encountered significantly more febrile neutropenia than patients without this high MBL-producing haplotype (16% versus 4%). In the subgroup with wild-type exon polymorphisms (A/A), patients with the high MBL promoter phenotype had the highest incidence of febrile neutropenia, regardless of known risk factors. Conclusion. Patients with high MBL2 promoter genotypes and haplotypes seem more at risk for developing febrile neutropenia. If confirmed, these preliminary findings may contribute to more individualized approaches of irinotecan treatment.

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doi.org/10.1634/theoncologist.2010-0033, hdl.handle.net/1765/32860
The Oncologist
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

van der Bol, J., de Jonge, M., van Schaik, R., Sparreboom, A., van Fessem, M., Geijn, F., … Mathijssen, R. (2010). Effects of mannose-binding lectin polymorphisms on irinotecan-induced febrile neutropenia. The Oncologist, 15(10), 1063–1072. doi:10.1634/theoncologist.2010-0033