The number of human milk banks is increasing worldwide. Although the beneficial effects of feeding premature infants with their mother's milk are well documented, less is known about the effects of feeding these infants with pasteurized donor milk. We propose a randomized trial comparing the effects of a 100% human milk-based diet (human milk supplemented with a human milk-derived fortifier) and a diet (partially) based on bovine milk. In theory, human milk has a beneficial effect on various aspects of human physiology, most of which become apparent after infancy. We therefore propose an extensive follow-up program that takes this aspect into consideration. Other issues concerning the practice of human milk banks need to be addressed as well as optimization of the feeding strategies for preterm infants.

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Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Corpeleijn, W., Vermeulen, M., van Vliet, I., Kruger, C., & van Goudoever, H. (2010). Human milk banking-facts and issues to resolve. Nutrients, 2(7), 762–769. doi:10.3390/nu2070762