In the literature, varying terminology for living organ donation can be found. However, there seems to be a need for a new classification to avoid confusion. Therefore, we assessed existing terminology in the light of current living organ donation practices and suggest a more straightforward classification. We propose to concentrate on the degree of specificity with which donors identify intended recipients and to subsequently verify whether the donation to these recipients occurs directly or indirectly. According to this approach, one could distinguish between "specified" and "unspecified" donation. Within specified donation, a distinction can be made between "direct" and "indirect" donation.

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Keywords Classification, Living organ donation, Specified and unspecified donation
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Journal Transplantation
Dor, F.J.M.F, Massey, E.K, Frunza, M, Johnson, R, Lennerling, A, Lovén, C, … Weimar, W. (2011). New classification of ELPAT for living organ donation. Transplantation, 91(9), 935–938. doi:10.1097/TP.0b013e3182129236