Chronic serous otitis media is a common problem in the daily routine of the otorhinolaryngologist. In the majority of cases, the cause is related to dysfunction of the eustachian tube due to viral or bacterial rhinitis and occasionally to nasopharyngeal tumors. We report a case of a patient presenting with chronic serous otitis media that was resistant to conventional therapy. MRI with gadolinium finally revealed that the middle ear fluid was caused by leakage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) due to bone destruction by a temporal meningioma. The CSF leakage was closed by surgery. Histopathology confirmed meningioma in the temporal bone. Copyright

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Keywords Cerebrospinal fluid, Chronic serous otitis media, Meningioma, Otitis media
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Journal ORL
Keereweer, S, Metselaar, R.M, Dammers, R, & Hardillo, J.A.U. (2011). Chronic serous otitis media as a manifestation of temporal meningioma. ORL, 73(5), 287–290. doi:10.1159/000330278