In this experimental study, the nonspherical and translational behavior of individual coated microbubbles of different sizes, in contact with a 20-μm thickness cellulose wall, are observed and categorized systematically. Images from two orthogonally positioned microscopes are merged and then recorded with an ultra-fast framing camera. Large nonspherical deformations were found with 2.25 MHz frequency ultrasound pulses having driving pressures from 80 to 325 kPa. A parametric model combining potential flow theory with a viscous boundary layer at the wall is developed and used to calculate stresses from the optically recorded microbubble oscillations. Peak shear stress of up to 300 kPa and normal stresses of up to 1 MPa are estimated when microbubbles are insonifed with a 2.25 MHz pulse at 325 kPa. The clinical relevance of these results is discussed.

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Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Vos, R., Dollet, B., Versluis, M., & de Jong, N. (2011). Nonspherical Shape Oscillations of Coated Microbubbles in Contact With a Wall. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, 37(6), 935–948. doi:10.1016/j.ultrasmedbio.2011.02.013