This is the guideline for genital herpes simplex virus (HSV) management for the IUSTI/WHO Europe, 2010. They describe the epidemiology, diagnosis, clinical features, treatment and prevention of genital HSV infection. They include details on the management of HSV in pregnancy, those who are immunocompromised and the clinical investigation and management of suspected HSV-resistant disease.

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Keywords Aciclovir, Diagnosis, Europe, Famciclovir, Guideline, Herpes simplex, Management, Transmission, Treatment, Valaciclovir
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Journal International Journal of STD & AIDS
Patel, R, Alderson, S, Geretti, A.M, Nilsen, A, Foley, E, Lautenschlager, S, … Moi, H. (2011). European guideline for the management of genital herpes, 2010. International Journal of STD & AIDS (Vol. 22, pp. 1–10). doi:10.1258/ijsa.2010.010278