An 8-week-old infant was treated with oral propranolol for a haemangioma of infancy. The standard dose (according to protocol) is 2 mg/kg/day but, because of a mistake by the pharmacist, the child was treated with 8 mg/kg/day without any side effects (pulse, blood pressure and glucose stayed normal). Copyright

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Keywords Dosage, Haemangioma, Overdose, Propranolol
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Journal Case Reports in Dermatology
Janmohamed, S.R, Madern, G.C, de Laat, P.C.J, & Oranje, A.P. (2011). Haemangioma of infancy: Two case reports with an overdose of propranolol. Case Reports in Dermatology, 3(1), 18–21. doi:10.1159/000324421