The project Services@MediGRID consortium established a tool set of grid-based biomedical services since 2008. The services are related to genetic analysis, genome data visualization, and pharmacokinetic modeling. Furthermore, business concepts for these services have been examined which are supported by an accounting and billing service. While the tools cover a whole service chain for biomedicine, the business concepts are rather heterogeneous. However, the overall addressed target market areas show promising potential. In addition, a structured coaching process reduces friction in the technology transfer from grid computing to biomedicine. This should be considered for similar future endeavors.

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Keywords Grid business concepts, Grid-based tool set for genetics, Healthgrids, MediGRID, Services@MediGRID
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Journal Journal of Computational Science
Dickmann, F, Falkner, J, Gunia, W, Hampe, J, Hausmann, M, Herrmann, A, … Sax, U. (2011). Solutions for biomedical grid computing-Case studies from the D-Grid project Services@MediGRID. Journal of Computational Science. doi:10.1016/j.jocs.2011.06.006