The subject of this thesis is the association between socioeconomic status (SES) and cancer detection and outcome in the Netherlands. Both a description of and explanation for variation in incidence, detection, staging, treatment, survival and health-related quality of life of cancer by SES are given. The studies reported in this thesis can be placed both within the broader framework of research on socioeconomic inequalities in health as well as within the narrower framework of research on socioeconomic inequalities in cancer. The methods and study settings are described, followed by the aims of this thesis.

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Keywords cancer detection, cancer outcome, cancer risk, socioeconomic determinants
Promotor J.W.W. Coebergh (Jan Willem) , W.J. Louwman
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor Amgen, Comprehensive Cancer Centre South (Integraal Kankercentrum Zuid), Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Ecommany, Erasmus University Rotterdam,, Roche
ISBN 978-90-6464-554-9
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Aarts, M.J. (2012, June 19). Socioeconomic determinants of cancer risk, detection, and outcome in the Netherlands since 1990. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from