Sites involved in antibody-mediated neutralization of feline immunodeficiency virus were mapped by reciprocal exchange of envelope fragments or amino acids between molecular clones of feline immunodeficiency virus with different susceptibilities to neutralization by a polyclonal cat serum. Combinations of mutations within HV-4 or within HV-4 and HV-5 changed the susceptibility of the viruses to neutralizing antibody.

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Journal of Virology
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Siebelink, K., Huisman, W., Karlas, J., Rimmelzwaan, G., Bosch, M., & Osterhaus, A. (1995). Neutralization of feline immunodeficiency virus by polyclonal cat antibody: Simultaneous involvement of hypervariable regions 4 and 5 of the surface glycoprotein. Journal of Virology, 69, 5124–5127. Retrieved from