Results are described of a pilot study of the efficacy of sex therapy through the Internet for thirty-nine men with erectile dysfunction or rapid ejaculation. Treatment consisted of sex therapy (Masters & Johnson, 1970), had a duration of three months, and was conducted entirely through e-mail. Forty-six percent of the participants dropped out. Fourteen (67%) participants reported an improvement of their sexual functioning. Seven (47%) participants reported the improvement had sustained one month after termination, eight (53%) participants reported no further change. We conclude that sex therapy through the Internet may yield positive results and that further controlled studies are warranted. Copyright

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Journal Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy
van Diest, S, Lankveld, J.J.D.M, Leusink, P, Slob, A.K, & Gijs, L. (2007). Sex therapy through the internet for men with sexual dysfunctions: A pilot study. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 33(2), 115–133. doi:10.1080/00926230601098456