In multiple myeloma, deletion of chromosome 13 (del(13)) is associated with poor prognosis regardless of treatment. This study analyzed the impact of del(13) status on response and survival following treatment with either bortezomib or high-dose dexamethasone in patients in the SUMMIT and APEX trials. Additionally, matched-pairs subset analyses were conducted of patients with and without del(13), balanced for age and International Staging System parameters. In both SUMMIT and APEX, prognosis appeared to be poorer in bortezomib-treated patients with del(13) compared with patients with no del(13) by metaphase cytogenetics. In the SUMMIT and APEX matched-pairs analysis, response and survival appeared comparable in bortezomib-treated patients with or without del(13) by metaphase cytogenetics. However, patients with del(13) receiving dexamethasone in APEX appeared to have markedly decreased survival compared with those without del(13) by metaphase cytogenetics. These matched-pairs analyses suggest that bortezomib may overcome some of the poor impact of del(13) as an independent prognostic factor. However, sample sizes were very small; these findings require confirmation from further studies.,
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Jagannath, S., Richardson, P. G., Sonneveld, P., Schuster, M., Irwin, D., Stadtmauer, E., … Anderson, K. (2007). Bortezomib appears to overcome the poor prognosis conferred by chromosome 13 deletion in phase 2 and 3 trials. Leukemia, 21(1), 151–157. doi:10.1038/sj.leu.2404442