In recent years, biobanks have evolved into professional infrastructures that acquire, validate, process, store, manage and distribute biological material of human origin to public or private end-users/researchers. This article (a) highlights the importance of quality assurance for both the biobank basic processes and sample annotation in order to ensure reliable results of research based on these samples, (b) suggests that certification according to international standards can contribute to the organization of the biobanking processes while accreditation can contribute to the organization of sample characterization/validation, and (c) provides a compilation of all existing guidelines against an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) format. Copyright

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The Quality Assurance Journal
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Betsou, F., Luzergues, A., Carter, A., Geary, P., Riegman, P., Clark, B., … Druez-Vérité, C. (2007). Towards norms for accreditation of biobanks for human health and medical research: Compilation of existing guidelines into an ISO certification/accreditation norm-compatible format. The Quality Assurance Journal, 11(3-4), 221–294. doi:10.1002/QAJ.425